10 Bizarre Cats That Have Their Own Logic


If you think that you can change the believe system of a cat, then you are completely wrong. This is next to impossible. Cats always do the things the way they like. If it is not as per their logic or out of their understanding, then they will not do it. Every action has to pass a cat’s logic test before it is executed. The felines have a bizarre sense of logic and they are totally fine with it. But if you are not, then you should stop caring. After all, cats don’t trust you to use your brains. They know that they have to take everything into their own hands.

Here are some bizarre cats that have their own logic and it is totally hilarious. Have a look at these pictures and we bet you won’t stop laughing!


Pink beds are fine, but there is nothing that can match the level of a box.


It doesn’t matter if the door is open or closed, cats got to do everything their way.


This cat was trying to find a place to hide and this is how it ended. Not all cats are champions of hide and seek.


No, cats don’t like it easy. They like it when it is tricky and difficult to achieve.

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Some cats also love to have a footwear collection. But instead of buying them, they prefer to steal.


When your cat wants to learn everything all at once and they think that TV is the best thing to do that. watch and learn!


A million toys to play, but a cat only wants your attention.


“Hi hooman, I was waiting for you and then I got tired. So I thought maybe I should rest a little on the stairs and surprise you.


“What are you wearing for the New Year’s eve? I think we need to do some shopping. There’s isn’t anything suitable here.”


When your hooman tells you to change your perspective, so you try this.

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