10 Cat Hoomans Shared Hilariously Relatable Rules Their Cat Masters Set Out For Them


Cats may not rule the whole world, but they are definitely the masters of the house they live in. There are some unspoken rules in a house wherever there is a cat. nobody will ever tell you what they are. But once you get a cat, you will get to know about them on your own. We have made it a bit simple for you by specifying all the rules here.

Here are some rules set by the cats in their furrever homes for their hoomans. Have a look at them and if you have a cat, memorize them thoroughly.


A cat is not to be stopped from going anywhere or following his hooman around the house. He has the right to do as he wishes.


Cat hoomans must wake up the moment their cat licks their way. It is the right thing to do. Oversleeping is not good for them.


A cat’s litter box must not be touched without his permission. It will make him really sad otherwise.


If you don’t understand the meaning of open doors, then google it. But never close a door when you have a cat in home. Cats need to keep a watch on their hoomans at all times.

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When a cat stares at you like this, it’s a sign for you to get up and get some food for them. If you don’t, they will scratch you.


A cat is not to be judged no matter what they do. You will only be wasting your own time by indulging in such things.


Cats need their hoomans’ love and attention at all times. Anything less than that is not acceptable.


A cat hooman must feed his cat at least twenty times a day.


A cat is allowed to sleep on laundry clothes. You shall not scold a cat for doing this.


You should get new toys for your cat often even though the cat doesn’t like them and reject them.

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