10 Cat Hoomans Shared Pics Of Their Cat’s Overdramatic Acting And It’s Hilarious


It was always suspected that cats are no less than humans. After reading this story, you will even get more confused. Cat owners shared the pictures of their cats being overdramatic and it is super hilarious. The felines always react to everything that goes on around them and they overdo it at times. It seems as if cats are actually humans trapped in the wrong body.

Have a look at these hilarious pictures of cats acting overdramatically and we bet you won’t be able to help but laugh uncontrollably.


“My cat just saw a snow ghost and he can’t wait to get inside the house. “Hooman, where are you!? Please let me in.”


This cat is really mad at his hooman and he wants him to know it.


“My cat sits and stares at me whenever I watch TV. This is starting to scare me now. What is he thinking about all this while?”


“My cat kept staring at me when I was getting a hair color. He was really worried that something would happen to me.”

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“I get really scared when this kid holds me. Please don’t drop me. It hurts very badly.”


Can you even believe that these are actually cats? Their reactions are too overdramatic even for a cat. There is something definitely not right with these cats. How are cats even capable of doing all this? Somebody needs to explain this.


Cats are really good at imitating. This one couldn’t be any better.


And the forever sad award goes to this cat. He is really worried about the pandemic situation going on. “Will my hooman ever leave this house?


When you interrupt the cats during an important mission and they give you the look to leave them alone.


“Caught my cat talking to himself in the kitchen and I am scared now. Since when did cats start doing this!”


When you get a new pup without your cat’s permission and he is already planning to kill him.

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