10 Cat Hoomans Who Hoped For Cute Cats But Ended Up With Troublemakers


Not everyone who hopes for a sweet cat, gets one. Some are blessed with naughty cats. Sweet or naughty, every cat keeps their hooman entertained. Cats are always indulged in some or the other thing to make their lives interesting. At other times, they like to take naps. Cats are sorted and do not wasted their time at all.

Here are some cat hoomans who got troublemakers instead of a cute cat.


“My cat makes strange noises exactly at 7 pm every evening. I think he is trying to contact some distant friends. This scared me initially, but I am used to it now.”


When you leave your cats alone at home and this is what you come back to. “The party is not over yet. Can you come back later to clean this mess?”


“My cat really likes this chair and he did this to it. Now nobody else sits on this chair.”


“My cat and daughter really like to spend time painting together. I think the cat needs a bath now.”

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“My cat doesn’t like messy places. He gives me this look till the time I don’t clean up my room. The stare really works.”

Even though these cats may be troublemakers, they never fail to bring a smile on their hooman’s face. It’s better to have a cat rather than spending your lives without them.


Since when did cats start doing this? Cats are becoming smarter by the day.


“My cat likes to collect all the useful things. He is a bit selective when it comes to collecting things.”


“Got this expensive bed for my cat, but he likes the empty box instead. Why do cats have such weird choices?”


Cats need to start speaking up and tell us what they really like. The cat hoomans are really tired of experimenting.


If you have a cat at home, do not leave your stuff like this. Or else you may send the day finding your cat.

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