10 Cat Memes That Hilariously Show What Your Cat Is Going Through


If you ever want to adopt a cat, you should know what it feels like to live with one. Cats are nothing like the usual pets who will listen to you. They make their own rules which the cat hooman needs to follow. Cats don’t like it when they are told to do things in a certain way. So if you want to avoid chaos, better let your cat do things in their own way.

Here are some cat memes that hilariously show what your cat is going through. Have a look at them and get to know your cat better!


It may be irritating that cats don’t leave you alone even for a moment, but it becomes a habit after some time. “I am watching, hooman. Nothing will go wrong.”


“Wake up, hooman. It’s time to feed me.” Cats are even more accurate than alarm clocks.


When your cat is happy for the box and you can’t get over the fact how appropriate it is for him.


When a cat occupies some space, it is difficult to predict if it will leave it anytime soon.

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“Why did you betray me, hooman? I deserved much more than this.”

This innocent big cat eyes will make you want to leave everything else and help this kitty. It’s intriguing how cats don’t say anything and still, win your hearts.


When you have full confidence that your cat can protect you and he backs you up.


Every office should make this addition. Cats are the best stress busters.


This is what a cat can do to get one glimpse of a bird. If you want to save the blinds, better don’t put them up in the day time.


“How dare you bring this cat home? Did you notice that it is cuter than me? Do you want to make me jealous or what?”


This cat really loves its hooman. The way he looks at his hooman says it all.

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