10 Cat Owners Share The Hilarious Quirks Their Fur-Babies Have Surprised Them With


Every cat hooman in this world has at least one hilarious weird story about their cat. The little pawsome felines have amazing ideas for fun in their mind. It’s like they manufacture these ideas all the time. Their mind is always at work. It’s hard to tell who inspires cats to come up with some pawsome adventurous ideas. But we don’t have to care about that. We are just glad that cats do all the weird things to make everyone laugh and spread happiness around.

Here are some hilarious cat stories shared by cat hoomans. Have a look!


Cats hardly let their hoomans touch them, cuddling with them is only an imagination. This is such a cute story.


We know that dogs love to play fetch, but since when did cats start doing that! This is totally weird, but adorable.


Cats do listen to their hoomans when they are in a good mood.


Cats can tell by their hooman’s voice that they are in a hyper mode.

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When your cat is super excited about loud noises, you better keep him inside.

Cats are completely different from dogs. It seems totally weird when they want to play fetch like dogs do. But cats do what they want to do. They don’t care what other people will think about it. They follow their hearts and take their hoomans along.


How will anyone believe it until they have seen it with their own eyes? You need to do something to show the world that cats are social too.


Cats can act all weird at times, but every cat has at least one weird habit that everyone laughs at.


When your cat is smart enough to learn everything himself and needs no training, it’s the best kind of cat.


This one is definitely trapped in the wrong body. He was supposed to be a cat.


When cats want to do something, they get it done no matter how hard it is.

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