10 Cat Photos That Prove Cats Are The Funniest


Cats are the funniest pets around. They know how to make everyone laugh by doing the weirdest things that you can’t even think of. Felines are a magnet of love and happiness. They can do everything for you. All they ever want is just to make you smile.

Here is a collection of some hilarious cat posts to make you laugh. Have a look at them and brighten up your day!


“Hooman, I don’t find this funny at all. Please remove this immediately.”


Every person who thinks that they don’t love cats, need to get one.


This dog is the sweetest of all. He did a lot for all the cats around.


Cats know very well how to adjust when it comes to sunbathing.

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Only cat hoomans know that the bond they share with cats is really pure.

Cat logic is the best logic of all. They never do anything without putting proper thought into it. Cats even find some of your actions really weird. They don’t understand why you have to do all the work when you can simply take naps. Well, it’s good that they are far away from all the responsibilities. But still they get to know when their hoomans are upset. Then they take up the responsibility of cheering up their hooman. It’s amazing how they come up with something or the other every time to make their hoomans laugh and take all their sorrow away.


This trick works every time. You have to try it if you haven’t yet. Nobody wants to waste hours looking for their cat.


We must say that they fit really well.


Cat lovers can’t think of anything else. Can they?


“It’s getting too difficult. I can’t do this anymore. I think I should take a break from all this.”


“My hoomans doesn’t want me to look too good.”

Do you also have a cat? Share your pawsome cat story with us in the comments.

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