10+ Cat Posts That Are Painfully Accurate Towards The Attitudes Of Cats


Nobody knows why a cat does what it does. You have to simply accept it. Even though we can’t reason out their actions, we can at least discuss them and laugh at them. Cats are the weirdest pets in this world. Instead of getting adopted, they are the ones who adopt their hoomans. A cat hooman has to do as a cat says or else they are in huge trouble. Even though troublesome at times, cats occupy a huge place in our hearts. Nobody can take that away from them. These innocent adorable fur balls know a way to everyone’s heart. If you think you are different, then you are completely wrong.

Here are some pawsome cat posts that will tell you everything about cat attitude.


“Getting another cat is one thing. But my hoomans got another dog today. This is above betrayal. This cannot be forgiven at any cost.”


Only a cat can dare to do such a thing. So stop looking for the culprit. You know who to punish.


“Hooman, save me. This black hole is sucking me in.”


Only superhumans can resist petting a cat. Maybe even they don’t have a power to do so.

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Either a cat will not react or it will overreact. There is nothing in between.


“I did so that you can make a meme out of it. Thank me later, but get me some treats first.”


Cats have a reason to do everything that they do.


It doesn’t what a cat brings for you, a gift is a gift.


For those who need reasons to adopt black cats, read this. You will definitely want to get a black cat after reading this.


When it relates to cats, it has to be cute.


Cats are always weird. You don’t have to say it out loud.


Cats dance when they are alone at home. They don’t want their hooman to know about this. Otherwise, their hoomans will make them dance all the time.

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