10 Cat Tweets About The Weirdest Things That Cats Do


Twitter can get a little weird without cats. Cat tweets are the most hilarious tweets that you can find there. There is always some or the other cat post trending on Twitter. It is always fun to scroll through these hilarious cat posts on Twitter.

Here is a collection of hilarious cat tweets shared by cat hoomans. Cats do a lot of weird things and their hoomans find pleasure in sharing their stories with everyone.


Cats can live without food, but they can’t do without attention. “I am only throwing things for now. Next time, I will break the mirror.”


Some cats are true gentlemen. They know how to win your heart. Look at all these adorable pictures.

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Cats can sleep anywhere and everywhere. If it’s warm, they will manage anywhere.


When you forget to feed your cat, they can get pretty intense. Throwing things is just the beginning. A lot can happen after that.


Cats ensure that everyone stays happy in the house all the time. This is why they do these little things.

Cats do weird things the entire day to keep their hoomans entertained. They know that even their hoomans have nothing entertaining these days. So everyone should do weird stuff and have fun together. Are you enjoying these cat tweets? If yes, then continue scrolling and enjoy some more hilarious cat tweets. We are sure that these will brighten your day.


Cats have weird logic. Even though they can’t drink water from the glass comfortably, they want water in the glass only.


“Hooman, so this happened today. I hope you don’t mind cleaning this up.”


This can get little scary, but then cats don’t like to do things in usual way. If it’s different, it’s right.


First cats do something wrong, then they want you to make amends. You will always be a part of their little adventures.


When your cat starts doing things the way you do them and it’s totally weird.

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