10 Cat Tweets That Are Impawssible Not To Laugh At


We all need some fun in our lives, especially at these times when we all are stuck at home. Nobody has a clue when this pandemic will come to an end. It seems like we are stuck with our pets indoors. But you are really lucky if you’re a cat hooman. The felines know how to make the best out of everything and the good thing is that it doesn’t require you to go outside or hang out with people. You need not worry if you are not a cat hooman because in that case we are here to your rescue.

Here are some pawsome cat tweets to cheer you up. We bet these will make you laugh for sure.


That’s how confident cats are. They believe in themselves the most.


“This Halloween I chose to be a cat, what about you? Even though I looked like a cat, I could never tap on those crazy ideas that cats have.”


Nobody can stop a cat from being where it wants to be.


Everything is changing so quickly. Why should humans have all the fun!

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“When your hooman can’t look through your evil intentions, but you can already see the bigger picture.”

Are you enjoying these cat tweets? Aren’t these hilarious? We have some more for you, so continue reading.


The goddess of beauty has come down on earth to bless us all.


Be anything, but a bat. Everyone is very scared of it right now.


“My hooman has been cheating on me all this while. This is why he doesn’t come out of the bath. He plays with the other cat. Why did you do this to me!”


Cats are always awesome at whatever they do. There is nothing to question about it.


Look at this cat who thinks he is a lion. Since when did lions started climbing trees? Cats are in some serious trouble.

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10 Best Cat Tweets You Don’t Want To Miss

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