10 Cats Hilariously Demonstrating Their ‘Cat Logic’


Cat logic is the strangest of all animal logic that you will ever get to witness. They have different ways to judge what’s good for them and what’s not. Felines think that they have the best logic in the world. They put a lot of thought into everything that they do. If not for cats, the humans would have perished long ago. Humans may feed the cats, but cats make the humans laugh and take care of their mental health. Without cats, humans won’t laugh as much as they do now.

Here are some cats demonstrating their cat logic and it’s totally hilarious. Have a look! We don’t want you to miss it.


When your cat refuses to drink water from his own water bowl, but makes all these efforts to get to water. What’s wrong with you, cat? Don’t you like it when you get things easily.


Cats can find weird places to sleep. Comfort is not a priority, the place should be as weird as it could get.


This cat was running away, but then he had a change of heart and decided to take a nap first. Such huge decisions must be made with a clear mind.


When cats have to accompany you everywhere you go, but also get some sleep.

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Do you agree with cat logic? If not, then you would by the end of this cat story.


Cats will sleep anywhere, but not where they are supposed to sleep.


Three beds in the house and these cats still choose to share beds.


When your cat watches too much Stranger Things with you and keeps a watch at night.


“I have him. You can send him away now. We don’t need another cat in this house till the time I am alive.”


The best gift that you can ever get for your cat is an empty box. They will really love it.


Cats know that you love the last slice of pizza and that is why they like to sit on it.

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