10 Cats Hilariously Recreate Photos From Their Kittenhood


Old pictures bring lot of memories along with them. Many people love to recreate their childhood memories. But have you ever tried to recreate the kitten hood moments of your cat. Well, if you haven’t yet, you have to try it for sure. It is way more fun than recreating your own childhood. Cats are super pawsome fluffy balls who never grow up. It doesn’t matter how big they get in size, the habits of their kitten hood don’t change. Some of the cat hoomans recreated the moments of their cat’s kitten hood and these are super adorable.

Here are some cats who hilariously recreated photos from their kitten hood and it’s pawsome. Have a look at these pictures and we bet you will love them too!


Some things grow, some don’t. But the bond remains the same.


It doesn’t matter how old the cat gets, the way he sleeps will never change.


A cat is always proud of its achievements.


Cats are super scared when their hoomans hold them. “Careful hooman, don’t drop me.”

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A cat always manages to fit in where he wants to. “My cat still likes to hang out in his old swing. I tried to replace it several times, but he doesn’t want me to.”

The only thing that has improved in this picture is the look on this cat’s face. Cats do know how to improve their creative skills with time.


A cat and his hooman’s bond grow only stronger and stronger with time.


When your cat likes adventures, don’t be scared of climbing a few steps. The view will definitely be better from up there.


This cat likes to put up his surprised look all the time. He never gets tired of it.


It’s hilarious how the cats still fit in, but they look super adorable.


This cat hasn’t changed much. “Put me down hooman. I am not in a mood for fun right now.”

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