10 Cats That Are The Cutest And Funniest Creatures On This Planet


Cats are the most hilarious and adorable creatures around. We are totally blessed to have them around. Felines are fluffy creatures who carry joy and love around with them. They know how to put a smile on anyone’s face within a few seconds. Only cats are possessed with this talent.

Here are some cats that are the funniest and cutest of the lot. Have a look and we know that you will agree with us!


This cat seems pretty angry. His hooman is in huge trouble if he forgot to get some cat treats for this kitty. “Give me the treats or don’t come home!”


“My cat completely hates my laptop. He thinks that I give my laptop more importance than him, which is quite true these days. Can’t help it!”


A cat can go through thousands of moods within seconds. You have to be really cautious around a cat.


This cat likes to see everything from up there. How’s the view from up there little kitty? Are you comfortable there?

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Who got their hands up in the air? “I don’t care about the rest as long as my hands are up in the air.”

Cats are not only hilarious and adorable, but these furballs are also very mysterious. Nobody knows why cats do what they do. It’s a big mystery that humans have failed to solve till now. Do you have any answer for it? If yes, then please let the world know.


Meet the cutest cat in the world! Just look at those expressions!


What was this cat thinking? What do you want us to do now?


“This doesn’t taste as good as before. Get me another one!”


This is how your first cat will react when you get a second one. “The enemy is here. Let’s get to work now. I will have to drive him out of my house as soon as possible. My hooman could have got a dog. Why did he bring in another cat?”


This cat likes to take naps anywhere and everywhere.

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