10 Cats That Can’t Mind Their Own Business And Run Their Paws Wherever They Want


Cats think that they rule the world and want to leave their mark wherever they go. It doesn’t matter if this creates trouble in their hooman’s life. If they think that leaving a paw mark is important for them, they will do it. If you live with a cat, then you know that how much cats love to do this. This gives them a feeling of achievement and they feel important too. Cats need to know that they too are contributing to their hooman’s life. So whenever they get an opportunity to do so, they make sure that it is evident.

Here are some pawsome cats that can’t mind their own business and leave their paw mark everywhere they go.


Now you definitely have a cat and it has already started modifying the house as per his wishes. Good luck with it!


Any amazing painting is incomplete without a cat’s approval.


Cat also helps his hooman cook the Thanksgiving pie. He has to put his paw on it so that everybody knows.


When your cat wants to help you cook, but he is not sure how to do it.

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It has been proved that cats have been living with hoomans longer than you think.

Maybe cats learned this from humans. Just like humans want to leave signs behind to let others know that they were there, cats do the same. We already know that cats are smart. Now we are witnessing it too in this beautiful way.


The cat wanted to add a different effect to the stairs so he did this. His footsteps will remain even after he is gone.


If you cook with a cat around, this is bound to happen.


This is a very precious piece of art. You must protect it till the very end.


Here too little kitty? Cat leave nothing when it comes to leaving their mark.


The cat was here. He left a sign to let his future generations know.

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