10 Cats That Show That They Are The Sole Purpose Of Bringing More Joy To Your Life


If you have not adopted a cat and you are reading  this, then you might want to adopt one soon after reading this. Cats are a complete package of joy and adventure. They fill their hooman’s life with love and happiness. Without the felines, their hoomans feel totally incomplete. Not to mention how dull life would get without felines.

Here are some cats that will show you why they are the sole purpose of joy.


Do you want to trap a cat? Just keep an empty box and you will see him smoothly walk in your trap within minutes.


It’s CC times, i.e. cat and coffee time. Cats don’t like to leave their hoomans alone or maybe they just like to take long naps on their hooman’s lap.


Cat and attention go hand in hand. In fact, attention is a staple diet for cats. They can’t do without it.


“My hoomans are trying to hide another cat from me. But I don’t know why his eyes look exactly like mine. Why would they get another cat who looks like me?  Hoomans, you got to explain this to me.”

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If this doesn’t stop a cat hooman, we don’t know what will. How can anyone leave such pawsome cat all alone at home!

Cats are very possessive of their hoomans and they hate it when they have to stay home alone. They do everything to convince their hoomans not to leave them alone. Also, there are no valid reasons to spend time away from cats. No cat hooman likes to leave their cats at home.


Now that the grandfather is gone, this cat feels very lonely.


Some cats are very thoughtful and do everything for their hooman’s happiness.


Cats are supposed to do all the mischievous things. How can you scold them for this! It’s their birth right.


This cat’s reaction to everything that his hooman does. “My hooman is broken. I need a new one.”


3 am running around the house is a real thing and cats do it all the time.

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