10 Cats That Think They’re The Boss, And They Are Right


It’s intriguing how a little furry cat can become your whole world. Cat hoomans know that they can’t take any decision without their cat’s approval. The cats know what is best for their hoomans. As time passes, cats become a huge part of the family and then it is impossible to even imagine the time when they were not there.

Here are some pawsome cats that believe that they are the true boss of the home and they are purrfectly right. Because who can do it better than cats. Cats know their responsibilities well and they only care about achieving their goals. It’s impossible to stop them or distract them. so once you make your cat the in-charge of your happiness, you have nothing to worry about.


When cat is on a mission to steal food, external weather doesn’t matter. Nothing can stop a cat from achieving its goal.


You can’t oversleep when you have a cat in home. And when you have two of them, don’t even think about it.


“You got me nothing. How dare you return without my cat treats! I need them now.”


“Hi hooman, what are you upto? Do you need some help?”

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Cats can also guard the door just like dogs do. The only difference is that cats don’t let their hoomans leave instead of caring who’s coming in through them.


When the aliens are about to attack, but you have a cat. “There is nothing to worry about, hooman. Go back to sleep.”


“Why do you need decorations when you have me? I can sit here all day long and be the centre of attraction.”


“Just finished decorating this sofa. You don’t need a cover now. How does this look?”


“I swear I didn’t eat the fish. I came here to find it and I am as surprised as you. Don’t tell me you forgot to get some.”


“Hooman, you are getting too close. This is the last warning. Get away right now.”

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