10 Cats That You Would Easily Mistake For Food At First Glance


Cats are unpredictable beings that are not easy to understand. But what will you do if they are physically deceptive too? It may get even more difficult to know them for who they are. We have some cats that can be easily mistaken for a food item. You too will agree if you look at them. Cats come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Some of them can use this to hide away in places that you can’t imagine. We won’t keep you waiting any longer.

Here are some delicious cats that look just like some food item. Have a look and be a little careful. You may not catch them in first glance.


As delicious as it seems, it is not what you think. Just a pawsome cat doing its usual. Look closer!


Who wants a yummy morning breakfast? The cat is ready with it.


Some cinnamon rolls for you. Be careful when you eat them. There maybe a cat hiding with them.


This is how the cat likes to pose. “Hooman, please take the picture quickly. It’s getting a bit uncomfortable here.”

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Can you find the cat in the picture? Look again and you will see it.

We bet you got confused at least once. These cats look so similar to food that it’s easy for anyone to see food items instead of the cat. so don’t worry if it happened with you too. Continue scrolling to enjoy some more such pawsome cat pictures.


Just a cat sleeping in an unusual place. How do they manage to find such places all the time!


“What are you trying to do hooman? Please set me free!”


The cats that look like a donut are the sweetest of all. But they may bite if you touch them without their permission.


The resemblance is uncanny. This cat needs to be careful or someone may try to eat him.


It’s not what it seems.

Does your cat also look like some food item? Share with us in the comments.

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