10+ Cats Who Don’t Have to Talk Since Everything Is Written Right on Their Faces


Cats may be unpredictable, but not for the ones who know how to read their face. Everything is written on their face. You just have to learn how to read it. Cats like to share their feelings with you as much as you do. Even though they can’t talk like you do, cats communicate through expressions. All cat hoomans learn it with time. If you haven’t learnt it yet, then we have some samples for you.

Here are some cats that don’t have to say anything because everything is written on their face. Have a look at these pawsome cat pictures if you want to know your cats a little better.


“Hooman, I will sleep on your bed tonight. I don’t want anymore discussion on this topic. Do you get that!”


“Hello fellow cats, let’s party tonight. You all are invited to my place as my hooman will be in deep slumber by that time.”


“Don’t even think of bringing that cat inside the house. I won’t let him live for long if that happens.”


When you bring your boyfriend home and your cat can’t understand from where did you get one. “I thought you chose to be a cat lady for life. When did you have change of mind?”

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“Yoga is good for health, but I think it’s not good for you.”


“Can you please get some cat treats for me? I hope you won’t forget.”


“It’s sun time. Do not disturb me.”


“My hooman gave me a bath today and I am planning to murder him tonight.”


“Don’t even think of getting up. I am not moving from here for an hour at least.”


“Who fooled you this time? I thought you were smarter than this.”


“I swear I broke the vase by mistake. Please forgive me.”


“Why don’t you go out anymore? I am tired of staring at your face all day long. Go out. I want to invite my friends home and party with them.”

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