10 Cats Who Don’t Understand The Concept Of Personal Space


Are you going to adopt a cat? Then you better forget about all your alone time because cats never leave you alone. Be it in bad times or good times or in the bathroom, cats always happen to be where their hoomans are. You may think that it is just a coincidence initially. But after some time, you will definitely recognize the pattern.

Here are some cats who do not understand the concept of personal space.


“I am here to see that this water doesn’t swallow you. Are you alright?”


“Why did you close the door? I know you get scared when you are all alone. Let me in and I will save you from all the devils hiding in the dark.”


“Hi hooman, I though you needed me. Well, it doesn’t matter because I am here now.”


“We are not leaving you alone even if we have to fight you for it.”

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When your cat knows that you need some alone time, but still find ways to be with you. It’s not easy to explain why I am here, but you need not know.”

So does you cat do this too? Do you see the pattern now? Well, you can’t not see it once you see it. So good luck explaining your cat that you need some alone time. But cats are quite stubborn and they have to do what they have to do. There is no turning back once they have decided.


“Hi hooman, what are you doing there? Are you drowning? Get out of water now!”


“Did you call my name? You did not? I thought you called me.”


“My cat just happen to take a nap here every time I take a bath. This is more than just coincidence.”


“Why are you shouting at us? We can explain why we are here. Just give us a moment.”


You can’t have your own time when you live with a cat. This is the primary rule of adopting a cat.

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