10 Cats Who Refuse to Leave Their Humans, Even for a Minute


Cats may not let you pet them, but they love you a lot. They won’t leave you alone even for a moment. Felines follow their hoomans around the home. You won’t even realise this, but now if you think about it cats are always where you are.

Here are some pawsome cats who won’t leave their hoomans alone even for a minute. Have a look at these pictures and you will get an idea how life with cats look like.


“My cat sits beside me every time I take a bath. He fears that I will drown in the bath tub.”


When a cat likes to snuggle on your shoulder, it won’t ask for your permission.


A cat is only interested in keeping a watch on its hooman. It doesn’t matter where it sit. Any place with a good view will do.


“Hi hooman, are you taking a picture? Can I be a part of it?”

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“Stay still, I will drive away the demons. As long as I am here on your head, nobody can touch you.”

It’s hilarious how cats can do silly things and act all innocent. They are the ones who add colors to their hooman’s boring lives. Cat hoomans can’t thank their cats for existing. They know that their life is incomplete without cats.


“Every time I enter the bathroom, this is what my cats do. They somehow know where I am going and reach there before me.”


“This is how I find my cat every morning I wake up. He is also one of the reasons why I have breathing issues.”


“My new colleague keeps a watch on me and ensures that I do my work properly.”


“Today I came back home a little late and this is how my pets stared at me. Either they were worried or suspicious. I have no clue.”


“I see you hooman. You think you can lock me away in another room? You are totally wrong about it.”

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