10 Facts About Cats That Reveal The Unexpected Side Of The Felines


As mysterious as our cats are, there are a lot of unknown facts about cats. There are many interesting facts about cats that will surprise you even more. It takes almost a life time for the cat hoomans to figure out the likes and dislikes of their cats. Knowing what goes on in a cat’s mind is even more difficult. Here are some facts about cats that you need to know. Have a look!


A cat named has four hundred and twenty kittens during her entire breeding life. That’s surely a lot of kittens to take care of.


The Maine Coon cat breed is very intellectual and it is very easy to train them.


The government cats of UK have official title “Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office”. Since 2007, a cat named Larry is at this position.


It is really cool how Siamese cats change their fur color in relation to heat. Their paws, tails and muzzles are darker than the rest as the colder parts of this cat’s body give out more pigment.

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All the domestic cats are capable of swimming as a part of their natural instincts.

Are you surprised yet? If not, then we have some more fun facts about cats. Continue reading and you will be even more surprised what all these pawsome creatures have been hiding from us.


Due to the structural features of sphynx cats, they should take bath at least two times a month.


Cat owners are mostly more educated than dog owners. They are more likely to have university degrees.


In order to mark their territory, cats rub against people.


Cats only use meow to talk to their hoomans. They don’t use it to communicate to one another. They only use this to manipulate their hoomans and get food.


Any wild guesses how many domestic cats are there in the world? There are even more than five hundred million domestic cats.

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Important Things About Cats That Every Cat Hooman Should Know!

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