10 Facts About Cats That Show Their Unexpected Side


As interesting as our cats are, they never fail to surprise us. There are some amusing facts about these felines we bet you haven’t heard of before. We believe that cats will keep on surprising us till the end of time.

Go ahead and have a look at these cool fun facts about cats!


There are around five hundred million domestic cats at present in the entire world. That’s a huge number and it is only growing day by day.


This cat gave birth to a total of four hundred and twenty kittens in her breeding life. Is that the highest number till now?


Want a cat that you can train easily? Get a Maine Coon! They are very intellectual.


UK government has special cats for the post of “Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office”. This is just pawsome. Cats are getting the title they deserve.

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The fur color of Siamese cats change as per heat. The colder the parts of their body, the darker they get in color.

Did you get surprised? We bet you haven’t heard about these cool cat facts before. Now you can share these awesome facts about cats with your friends and showoff your cat knowledge a bit. Do ask you friends who own cats if they knew about these facts?


Cats are natural swimmers. They are born with this ability. They have natural instincts for it.


Cats do not have good receptors for sweetness. Maybe this is why they don’t like sweet things.


People who have cats tend to have a university degree as compared to dog owners. Cat people are smart, just like their cats.


Cats have a different way of marking their territory. They rub against their hoomans and leave their scent on them.


Cats use ‘meow’ just to get their hooman’s attention. They are very smart and have their own special ways to do that.

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