10 Facts About Cats That Will Make Us Love Them Even More!


Cat hoomans love their cats more than anything else. They make sure that their cat get the best of everything and stay happy. But most of the time, it’s the cats who ensure that there is a smile on their hooman’s face.

Here are some fun facts about cats that will make you love your feline friend even more. Have a look!


You have to make out the difference between a normal blink and slow blinks. Cats give you signs that they trust you.


Cats don’t do anything without any reason. Even their purr says a lot.


Here’s the science behind purring. Cats purr for their own good.


Did you know? Your cat meows just for you. They don’t have any other reason to meow.

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Next your cat rubs against your leg, don’t stop them. Now you know that they love you so much.

It is exciting to know how little we know our cats. Humans have been domesticating cats since centuries now. But till date, there are several things that we don’t know about cats. These are some unknown facts about cats that you definitely need to know. How many of these facts did you already know? Let us know in the comments.


Instead of spending money on expensive cat beds, get your cat lots of boxes. You can also make a castle out of boxes for your cat. the felines just love to sit in boxes.


Your cat doesn’t understand why you don’t use your cat to clean yourself. This is the reason they lick you and groom you.


Cats don’t do much work when it comes to food. They directly swallow it and maybe this is why they like their food wet.


We bet you didn’t know about this one before. It is really hard to guess that cats have better sense of smell than dogs.


Your cat dreams just like you. This is so incredible. What are you dreaming about little kitty?

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