10 Frustrated Cat Hoomans Share Hilarious Snaps Of Their Naughty Cats


Living with cats is fun and full of adventures. But sometimes, it gets really frustrating. Being a cat hooman is a tough job and requires lot of patience. Many people just get tired at times and want their cats to give them a break. But this is not happening. Once a cat hooman, always a cat hooman. There is no going back from it. So think twice before you get a cat home. But you need not worry about anything because your cat will deal with the rest.

Here are some frustrated cat hoomans who shared hilarious snaps of their naughty cats!


The story of cats and toilet paper never gets old. Where there is a cat left alone with toilet paper, there has to be a mess.


“I opened my fridge and found my cat inside. He smiled at me like it belonged there.”


My cat won’t let me work and my boss doesn’t let me rest. I don’t know want to do. This is how my cat sits and stares at me like I am the one in his way.”


“This is what my cat does whenever I clean up my closet and make some space. He won’t get up till the time I agree to get some treats for him.”

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“Why does my cat has to do this to me every time? What are litter boxes for?”


When you order pizza, but your cat won’t get up from it till it gets old. This is why cat hoomans don’t like too order pizza at home.


“There was a cat inside this mirror. I was trying to rescue him. It looks broken now. Can you fix this hooman?”


Studying is no fun till the time your cat comes along and messes up all your notes.


“Get out of the box or I will crush you right here!” These two cats fighting for a box look so cute.


“Felt cute, might take a nap here.” Cats love keyboards only when you have work to do.

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