10 Funniest Cat Posts Of The Week


Cats do a lot of silly things and it is difficult to find out which one was the funniest of all. So if you ever get to do that, you should know that you are entrusted with a huge responsibility. Cats put a lot of thought into everything that they do. But some times even the way they hang upside down is totally hilarious. Cats are unpredictable creatures and you will only waste your time if you try to figure them out. So if you really want to do something, then you should share these pawsome cat posts as much as possible. Everyone should get a chance to appreciate the pawsomeness of the felines.

Here are some of the funniest cat posts of this week. Have a look at them and thank us later!


Cat lovers can always find a way to get close to a cat. Nothing can stop them when it comes to this.


Only cat lovers can appreciate the weirdness of another cat lover. You won’t get it till the time you get a cat.


“Don’t know why my hooman got this stupid shiny cat for me. Now he can spot me in the dark as well. I will have to do something about it.”


Every cat plans a huge party for this big day. Now you know why.

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“Finally, I can sit on my hooman furrever.”

If you look at the world from a cat’s perspective, you will never get sad again. All cats care about is food, sleep and their hooman’s happiness. Nothing else is important to them.


This is why cats are an expert at making all that mess in your bathroom.


Rainbow can be there in the background, but cat should be captured properly.


“These hoomans have started making words to make fun of us now. I can’t believe this.”


“Do you think we can be friends? I think we should give it a try.”


There’s a panda on this cat.

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