10 Funniest Tweets About Cats For Cat Lovers Only


Cat hoomans know how important cats are. Nobody else can value cats like they do. Felines value their hoomans equally. They may not show it often, but they really love their hoomans. At the end of the cat all a cat hooman needs is to spend some time with his cat and everything goes back to being pawsome again. Without cats, life is pretty dull for them. Even though cats are troublesome, but this is what brings spark to a cat hooman’s life. They can go on pointing everything that is not right with their cats, but they know that cats are pawsome. Nothing can change this about cats.

Here are some funniest cat tweets for all the cat lovers out there. If you not a part of this tribe, you would want to become one after looking at these pawsome cat tweets. We bet you won’t be able to control your laughter!


This is literally every cat out there. Cat hoomans know what is it all about.


Cats do kill rats. It’s not just a saying.


The purrfect name for this cat hasn’t been invented yet. You can also help if you have any suggestions.


Cats have weird choices. You can’t change them, so why waste your time judging them.

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If you ever need self-care lessons, just adopt a cat and you will know all about it.

Cat hoomans know that every single thing written here is completely true. Cats may be unpredictable, but some things never change.


Taking your cat to the vet will never be easy.


Cats are totally relatable and they know that you are going through the same thing.


Only a cat person knows the true value of a cat. Dog owners will never understand.


Cats don’t need grooming. In fact, they can teach you a lot about grooming.


“I was born to be a legend. These hoomans have been keeping me from my true purpose till now, but not anymore.”

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