10 Hilarious Cat Panorama Fails


All the different features and filters in the phone camera has made photography a lot more fun. But sometimes things can go wrong. Some cat hoomans used the panorama effect to capture their cats and it went completely wrong. The results turned out to be totally hilarious. Even the cats were confused what went wrong. Their expressions were enough to say it all.

Here are some cat hoomans that used the panorama effect to capture their cats and it went totally wrong. Have a look and we bet you will laugh out loud!


When you have to walk a long way, so you decide to borrow some extra pair of legs.


It’s only once in a lifetime expression. This won’t happen again. So you better take a good look at this.


When your cat can’t decide if he wants it or not and then this happens.


This cat is not as fat as it looks. “Hooman, if you can’t take good pictures of me, then don’t take any pictures.”

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“Hooman, I am purrfectly fine without your stupid pictures. I don’t need them.”

Even though the panorama effect didn’t turn out the way as expected, the pictures are still pretty amusing. Cats always manage to make everyone laugh. At times, all they have to do is pose. Cats are the most pawsome pets to have around. They always take care of their hoomans and don’t get too clingy. They like to keep a distance and yet, cats love their hoomans the most. This is why they are the best pets that you can wish for.


This cat was gifted this super long tail by his hooman.


This cat has a mishap. His hooman needs to learn some photography skills or he will keep on massacring his cat again and again.


What went wrong with you kitty? Do you need some help?


This cat can run equally fast on two legs also.


This cat’s expressions are enough to say it all.

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