10 Hilarious Cats Whose Settings Crashed


Cats look almost purrfect most of the times. Many people might have only seen their adorable side. But then there are times when things go out of control. Still, cats never care what others think. They just focus on doing their own thing. Cats don’t like it when they are not in control, but they always manage somehow.

Here are some hilarious cats whose settings crashed. Have a look and laugh it out!


This is just a cat thinking if it chose the purrfect home or not. Maybe the cat hooman has to take the responsibility of making the cat smile this time.


“Stand still. I need a support for my paws. Okay, this is comfortable for now.”


When your cat has extra paws to support itself, it doesn’t need a box.


Want to learn some dance moves? Go, get a cat and wait for them to consider you to be good enough to be their student.

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This cat made sure that the floor was comfortable enough to sleep on.

Cats always sleep where they want to. You can get a huge bed for your cat, but he will never find it comfortable enough. Well, cat logic is always out of human understanding.


This cat was getting bored, so he decided to hang out for a bit.


This is a clear indication that your cat doesn’t want you to hold him. “My hooman doesn’t know how to respect my personal space. What if I do the same to him?”


When you tell your cat that you are busy working, but they want to support you. They may do two things, either attack your laptop or stare at you quietly till you give them food.


This cat decided to taste grass today, thinking it was catnip. His expressions say it all.


Keep a box close and let your cat do its thing. You can look at them every time you get bored of your work.

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