10 Hilarious Examples Of Cat Logic


Cats may be called the smartest pets, but their logic is super hilarious. Not everyone can understand a cat’s logic. Only the ones who love cats too much can understand them to some extent. Cat hoomans may think that their cats like all the expensive gifts, but this is not so. The felines only want your attention and empty boxes. They don’t care about anything else. Expensive big beds mean nothing to them.

Here are some cat pictures that will show you what cat logic is like. Have a look at these pictures and you will know!


“I really like the cover hooman, especially this red ribbon that you put on it. How did you know that it’s my favorite color? I just love it so much.”


“My cat opens the tap every night when he gets thirsty. He knows that it will wake me up and then, he will get food too. I have really spoilt my cat.”


“This is my hooman’s favorite glass. Should I push it to the ground or not?”


This cat is definitely very hungry. He is going to eat up everything.

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“Hooman, this big bed is taking up all the space. Can you push it a little aside? I want to keep my box in the centre.”


This cat loves shoes so much that he sits right on top of them so that nobody else can wear them.


“Wait hooman, I will fetch it for you. For once, you understood how I like to play fetch. I am so proud of you.”


This cat bed is not good for the cat. You can clearly see that the cat has rejected it.


When you get all the expensive things for your cat, but he just rejects them all and sleep inside a box instead. Most cat hoomans feel bad first, but then they like to see their cat happy.


It may seem a bit uncomfortable to you, but the cat is ready to take a nap here.

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