10 Hilarious Photos That Perfectly Explain Cat Logic


Not everyone is smart enough to understand cats, leave alone cat logic. There is big mystery that comes along with cats. Why cats do what they do is a question that has been unanswered since ages. It will remain that way for a long time. So instead of wasting your time to understand cat logic, focus on your life. Cats surely add a lot of entertainment to your life. So go ahead and enjoy it till it lasts. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a cat who cares for them.

Here are hilarious photos of cats that perfectly explain cat logic. Have a look!


Cats don’t differentiate when it comes to food.


When you finally manage to get through the day without getting trapped in stupid situations.


Cat logic is the best logic. You don’t get to question it.


Cats know for the purrfect moment to execute their plan. Everything has to be exact on time.

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Felines love attention. Their main motive is not to sleep on the keyboard, but to get your attention. It can be a little tricky at times, but it can be very easy if you observe carefully.

Sometimes if you try a little hard, you will understand that cats do some things for you. They like to act all funny and cute so that you have at least one good laugh in your entire day.


Humans never understood where the term furniture came from. Maybe now they know.


Cats own the things that belong to you. So how can they leave something which has their name on it. This cat is not moving from here anytime soon.


This cat needs some alone time. Please respect his privacy.


This is what your cat tells you and shows you. But there is something bigger behind it. You will never be able to get it so don’t even try.


This is every cat’s rule. The moment you cross the limit, it will bite. Be very careful!

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