10 Hilarious Pics Of Cats Caught Stealing Food And Their Reaction Is Hilarious


Cats are really good at everything they do. Once they decide to do something, they won’t stop till their mission is achieved. But sometimes, the felines get caught by their hoomans midway and it is super hilarious.

Here are some pictures of cats that were caught by their hoomans stealing food and it is really hilarious. Have a look and we bet you will fall laughing out loud!


“When you finally get your hand at what you wanted the most, but your hooman won’t let you enjoy it. Why can’t these hoomans see us happy for once!”


“I thought I will take one more, but you returned so soon. Can you go back for sometime?”


“I have had my share. You can also eat yours. It is quite good.”


“I have almost had it, but my hooman returned at the wrong time.”

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“Hi hooman, what are you cooking today? This looks like small flowers. Can I have one?”

This cat is too busy focusing on food that he totally forgot that his hooman was watching. Look at the dedication that cats have for their work. Humans need to learn this from cats. This is why cats can do unbelievable things. Focus is the key to success.


“I woke in the morning just in time to catch my cat taking this out with him. Looks like he is going to cook some potatoes now.”


When the cat is not happy about being caught and tries to act guilty, so you feel bad for him. “I hope my hooman gives me dinner tonight. I am still very hungry.”


This cat has the guts to steal the food from his hooman’s plate right under his nose. His hoomans seems confused if he should stop him or let him take it.


When your cat decides to take the entire microwave with him, he is definitely having a secret party.


“Caught the bun thief today and it was none other than my cat.”

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