10 Hilarious Russian Cat Memes Translated To English For Your Entertainment


Cats are super hilarious. It doesn’t matter where they come from. Born with a witty sense of humor, cats know how to make everyone laugh. They don’t care if it will make someone feel bad or not, cats got to do what they got to do.

Here are some hilarious Russian cat memes translated to English for your entertainment. Have a look at these pictures and we bet that you will surely have a good laugh!


This meme couldn’t be more appropriate. Cats and their hilarious expressions making us laugh since forever.


Cats are always ready for everything. They never care about how they look. “I am ready to take on summer. Let’s do this.”


We all face such days once in a while. Give it some time and it will be okay.


When your cat is this adorable, it’s difficult to focus on anything else. “What are you doing, hooman? Do you want to play?”

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The odd one out always stands out. The mother cat looks really proud.

Kittens are the cutest of all. Their adorableness mixed with innocence has the power to pierce anyone’s heart.


Cats don’t like it when their hoomans go somewhere without their permission. “My hooman has gone out with a girl and he didn’t take me. He doesn’t love me anymore.”


The cat family wants to watch a good movie. They are tired of the everyday show put up by their hooman. It gets a little boring sometimes when you are a domestic cat.


When there is a cat in home, you can never sleep past its breakfast time. “Wake up, hooman! I am hungry.”


If a cat likes it, it will fit in somehow. You don’t have to worry about it. Cats have a thing for boxes.


Don’t eat your cat by mistake. It’s strange how some cats look so similar to food items. Does your cat also look similar to something?

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