10 Hilariously Strangest Places That Cats Chose To Sleep In


You may spend a lot on your cat’s bed and he would still choose to sleep in an empty box or some weird place. Cats have the talent to find the strangest places to fall sleep in. Comfort doesn’t matter at all. The place just needs to be strange and something that a cat hooman can’t think of. It’s is just impossible to understand these furry creatures.

Here are some cats that fell asleep in the strangest places you can think of and it is totally hilarious. Have a look and keep yourself updated. Your cat may also choose to sleep in such weird places.


When your cat drinks too much wine and can’t move even to reach his bed, you might spot him in the glass itself.


“My cat slept here waiting for the sun and he looks so adorable. I am just worried that he might fall and end up hurting himself.”


“When you don’t want your hooman to leave, just sleep on the sandal. Cats are finding new ways to make their hoomans stay at home.


“My cat likes to keep a watch on the thieves at night. This is how he sleeps when he gets tired.”

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Look at this pawsome musician. The cat feels the most secure inside this box of magic.


Ten beds in the home and the cat still chooses to sleep like this. What is wrong with cats these days!


When it’s your break time and this is what your cat does. “Hooman, go and get some food for me now. Enough of this nonsensical typing that you do the entire day.”


When your cat falls asleep in the wrong place and decides to do some stretching before waking up. Cats are smarter than you can even imagine.


“Couldn’t find my cat the entire day until I went out for a walk. Need to get a different kind of bed for my cat.”


“My cat likes to remind me every now and then that I am not alone at home.

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