10 Hysterically Flexible Cats Who Broke All the Laws of Physics


This lockdown learnt a lot of new things. Some focused on cooking, while others decided to get in shape. Do you have any clue what talent did our cats chose to explore? We know cats are pawsome and they never do anything boring. So in order to add some color to their lives, cats decided to break all the laws of physics.

Here are some hysterically flexible cats who broke all the laws of physics. Have a look!


“My cat likes to hang upside down casually. When I first saw him doing this, I was a little worried. What if he fell and got hurt?!”


When your cat is super flexible and you can’t even touch the ground without bending your knees. Cats always make their hoomans jealous.


Every cat hooman has a personal yoga instructor. When a cat decides to teach, the standards are set really high.


This is what cats do with their paws when they sit. Now you know, so go tell everyone.

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Every time cats see a box, this is what happens.

This is why a cat’s life is never boring. The felines are making constant efforts to keep it interesting. And when you put your heart at something, you always succeed. Cats know it and you can learn it from them too.


When a cat is lost in thoughts and doesn’t realize what is happening around it.


Upside down is the new cool for cats. It is super easy to do and quite interesting too. “Look hooman, you are hanging from the ground. This view is pawsome. It’s my new favorite now!”


When you get a bowl for the fish, but your cat decides to fit inside it.


If a cat likes something, it takes it. There is no need to ask anyone.


“This is how my cat sleeps. Maybe the dizzy feeling he gets when the blood rushes to the brain helps him sleep.”

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