10 Important Questions That Cats Need To Answer


Even though cats can’t talk, there are a lot of questions that they need to answer. There are some things that every cat hooman needs an answer for. Meowing for attention is fine, but what about all the irritating things that they do.

Here are some important questions that they cats need to answer. Have a look and you will also want to know.


“Hooman, we don’t like it when you read in bed. You need to spend that time cuddling with us. We won’t make this sacrifice for you.


Cats, you really scare us when you do this. You got to stop doing this or you will give us all a heart-attack.


Or shall we say hate Christmas trees? We all know that cats have a love-hate relationship with Christmas trees. They can’t stand them for long.


Cats need to stop making all the strange noises at night. It really freaks us all at night.


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Maybe cats think that hoomans like it. As it is they have a very strange logic that is totally out of our understanding.

We know you all desperately want to know why cats want to do all this. Only if cats could talk, they may tell us answers to these questions.


This one hurts really bad. Cats, are you taking some revenge from us because biting definitely can’t be a sign of love.


Unlike dogs, cats do have a strange way of communicating with their hoomans. Digging their claws into their hoomans is definitely one of their favorite things. Maybe they want to leave a mark so that everyone knows that their hoomans already belong to someone.


Cats do need to tell us the difference between cat treats and cat food because we fail to understand it.



What do cats use it for? Maybe it just adds to their beauty.


Yes cats, this one really gets on our nerves. There are some important papers lying around the place that we need. You have to stop sleeping on them.

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