10 Mischievous Cats That Waged War Against Christmas Trees


Christmas is around the corner and everyone is really excited about it including our cats. The felines wait for Christmas year round. Even before the cat hoomans think of putting up a Christmas tree, cats start their planning to destroy the tree. Every cat likes Christmas because they have a new toy to play with. No, it’s not something gifted to them by their hoomans. In fact, it is the Christmas tree itself. Cats love to climb the Christmas tree, hide inside it and then destroy it once its purpose is served.

Have a look at these mischievous cats who can’t stand Christmas trees!


“Merry Christmas, hooman! See I decorated the Christmas tree for you. Do you like it?”


“My cat loves to be a part of the Christmas tree. He hides inside it and comes out every few minutes to surprise us. Everything becomes special on Christmas.”


Destroying the Christmas tree is just another fun game for cats. They wait for you to spend hours decorating it so that they can pull it down when you go to sleep.


Cats hate plants and Christmas tree is at the top of their hate list. You can keep either the cat or the tree in your home.

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“This is my cat sleeping peacefully after destroying the Christmas tree. It makes him really happy and satisfied.”


The look on your cat’s face when he is on a destructive mission is totally worth it! Cats never fail to surprise us.


When your cat is done with opening the Christmas presents and is planning to destroy the Christmas tree next, this is how he will stare at it.


“Let’s start with the ribbon. We will take the tree down one by one. The hooman is asleep, so there is no hurry.”


Once you destroy the Christmas tree, you have to take it to the bin also. It is important to destroy the evidence also.


The cat is on his way to bring the tree down. Stop him if you an, now is the time.

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