10 Naughty Cats That Can’t Live Without Destroying Plants


We all know that cats want everyone’s attention. They can’t let anything into the house that is loved more than them. Cats also know that hoomans are really possessive of their plants and get really happy when they see them grow. But this does not benefit cats. The felines make sure that they are the only centre of attraction in the house. So they do not leave even a single opportunity to destroy plants.

Here are some naughty cats that live to destroy plants. Have a look at these cats so that you know how your cat may try to destroy your plants.


It’s time to get some sunlight and cuddle with the plants. Sleeping in flower pots in a cat’s favorite pass time.


One for the cat and rest for the hooman. “I am leaving the rest for you today, but maybe I will change my mind tomorrow.”


Cats do everything in a different way. “I thought of destroying this plant, but then I let it survive.”


Cats never want their hoomans to find their soulmates. “I am your soulmate, silly hooman. Why don’t you see it?”

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“We spread the leaves out so that they look better. How do they look hooman? Do you like them?”


“My hooman put a plant by the window so that I could sleep on it. He cares for me too much. I love him!”


When the cat decides to sleep in a plant, nothing ever grows in it again. Maybe you should get another one.


You can either have a plant in your home or a cat.Bboth of them can’t survive together.


Cats like to sleep on top of plants so that they can snack on them whenever they get hungry. It’s quite easy that ways and they don’t even have to move.


“The plants were tired and wanted some rest. I will also take a nap now. So you can come back later to talk to us.”

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