10 Notorious Cats Being Shamed For Their Hilarious Crimes


Cats being cats, they never stop messing things up for their hoomans. The felines always make sure that cat hoomans stay busy either chasing them or cleaning up the mess they created. But some times, cats cross the line and refuse to apologize. So their hoomans are left with no other option but to shame them for their hilarious crimes.

Here are some notorious cats that were shamed for their hilarious crimes. Have a look and tell whether these cats deserved being shamed publicly or not.


This was bound to happen one day or the other. You can’t restrict your cat.


“I was trying to catch the fish, but the smell of the water made me puke.”


Running away after doing such a thing is sensible. What else do you expect from your cat? It is not going to apologize to you.


Cats have to take charge when their hoomans get lazy and don’t complete their job properly. “I had no other choice. My hooman was not ready to listen.”

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Cats have to put certain rules and regulations in place. Follow the rules and get what you want!

It seems that these cats tried pretty hard to hide their mistakes. But things went out of their control and there is no turning back now. Will these cats apologize or get away with it? What do you think?


This cat is still learning to hunt. At least he makes efforts to cover up his weakness. “I will get you something that I caught on my own very soon.”


Cats don’t need expensive toys. They can manage with the things that they find easily.


Cats are always scared that something will happen to their hooman. So they never leave their hoomans alone.


The relationship cats have with their food bowl is quite complicated. You can’t explain it to them that they are just being stupid.


Keep the toilet paper away from your cat or be ready to clean the mess.

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