10 Pawsome Cat Snapchats That Will Make You Laugh


Cats do a lot of things. But making you smile is the only reason behind all their actions. Cats do all the adventurous things just to make your life happier and brighter. They may also create some mess and troubles along the way. But you have to give something to get something. And what’s little trouble compared to all the happiness and joy that cats fill your lives with.

Here are some pawsome cat snapchats that you need to have a look at.



When your cat is suspicious if you love your phone more than them, they may try to destroy it. You should better stop spending more time with your cat.


“What do you mean steal your food and your girl? It’s my food and my girl. You are the who is trying to steal them. Never ever say that again!”


“What’s wrong in sitting like this? You do it all the time.”


Somebody needs to buy new furniture for the cat or maybe he doesn’t even need it.

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“Strange things are happening. Even I need to do something about my safety. Kung fu fighting seems like the right thing to do.”


Cats pull of a lot of pranks and some of them can be really dangerous. Just keep a close watch on them all the time.


“You just have to lie down on your back so that the pigeon thinks that you are asleep. The moment the pigeon lets his guard down, you catch it. Best plan to catch a pigeon!”


“I am freezing out here and you don’t even care about me. You are very mean and selfish and you say I am the one who mess things up. Now open the door before I decide to leave.”


Who needs an alarm clock when you have a cat? Also, not all cats like to sit on your face when you sleep.


“My hooman doesn’t understand that I am protecting him from all the evil spirits. Anyways, I have to do what’s supposed to be done.”

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