10 Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos This Week


The days of summer are numbered. Damn. We need to counter this devastation. To do just that, we have put together a fresh list of wholesome animal adoption pics, which not only restores everybody’s faith but will also allow to make our peace with the fact that nights are about to get longer every day.

Lovely people have made a visit to the shelter this month looking for a new family member who they can take home and give all their love. These kind people have chosen animals that are neglected and need the most loving. It warms out heart to see these adorable souls find their furrever home. Among these rescues are animals such as three-legged puppies and one eyes kitties. God bless these people!

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#1 Meet Kane, a good doggo adopted by a wonderful family last month. They estimate his age around 10-12. He’s almost entirely deaf and blind. He loves sleeping and going outside.

#2 This unbearably cute doggo cannot stop hugging his owner

#3 This kitty opened up to me with this look after two full weeks of hiding under the bed and furniture

#4 Adopted this cutie two months ago and still unable to understand why no one wanted this giant furrball of love

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#5 Wasn’t sure when I rescued her if she will be happy with me, but I think it’s safe to say she is quite content

#6 Met this little black kitty in the woods, and looks like this big good boy has assumed some daddy duties

#7 Meet Daisy, the cute little kitty who no one selected because of her ear

#8 Adopted this cutie just about an hour ago

#9 Brothers deserve to be together, so they were adopted together!

#10 We call him Poundcake!

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