10 Reddit Users Showed Who Their Boss Really Is When They Work From Home


Working from home is quite common nowadays. But those who have pets have quite a different experience. The furry creatures ensure that their hoomans put their best foot forward while it work. They also make sure that nothing else distracts them. Pet owners have no other option, but to listen. However, sometimes pets also get bored while their hooman have to work whole day long. So they nudge them to spend time with them between work or maybe in the break time.

Here are some reddit users who shared their experience working at home and show them who the real boss is. Have a look at these pictures and find out yourself!


When your cat tells you what to do and you have no other option but listen to him.


While you are at break and your cat does your business for you. Pets can be really cooperating at times.


“Hooman, you have started working on the weekends also now. What’s the matter with you?”


Sometimes cat hoomans feel really jealous that their cats can sleep anywhere at any time they want. It would be better if we were a cat too.

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The employee of the month is obviously the cat. He made sure that his hooman didn’t move before finishing his work.

So did you see that pets are the actual bosses at home. Even when working from home, pet owners always have a boss around. These pets are certainly doing their job really well. So the employers need not worry if their employees are working properly or not.


Who’s the boss in the house?


“What does this do? Can I eat it? Let me try while my hooman is not looking.”


“My hooman works really hard the entire day. I make sure that I am always by his side in case he needs my help.


“If you are done working can we go and play now?”


“My pet sits here like a boss while I am busy working all day long.”

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