10 Spoiled Cats That Are Living A Life Better Than Yours


Cats do all that they wish to do. Their everyday schedule involves taking twenty naps, at least five meals, running around the house and creating troubles for their hoomans. These are the basic things that cats ever care about. Being pawsome is every cat’s top priority. Felines ensure that they get everything that they deserve. They know how to control their hoomans and get their wishes fulfilled. Cat hoomans are no less when it comes to fulfilling their cats’ wishes. They ensure that their cats get the best of everything that they want.

Here are some spoiled cats that are living a life better than yours. Have a look!


“Hooman, I am bored of this castle now. you should start building a bigger one than this.”


This cat has this comfortable bed, but it is still planning to steal his hooman’s bed. It’s bigger and better. Also, cats don’t need a reason to do something.


This tunnel was built specially for the cat. What else can you ask for!


A cat should be treated like a queen because that’s what she really is. Everyone bow down before your cat.

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This is the most comfortable a cat could ever get.

See how pawsome life these cats are. Some of you may be wishing to be a cat after looking at these pictures. Well, cats are the kings and queens of this world. They definitely ensure their best interests first. Time and again, cats have proved that they deserve the best and achieved it too.


Wait till the cat starts eating the food. There are high chances that it will get rejected.


Everything should be in this cat’s favorite color. Otherwise, he will reject it straightaway.


Leather sofa is here. What is there in the list next?


A cat king should have a whole room for himself. Nothing less than this would be acceptable.


This dog is the cat’s personal assistant. He only do things as per the cat’s instructions.

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