10 Stray Cats Walking Around Like They Own The Place


A cat can walk into any room it likes. You can’t stop a cat or throw it out of your house. People think that they own cats, but the truth is that it is not so. Cats are the ones who choose their hoomans and own them.

Here are some pawsome stray cats who walk around like they own the place and maybe, they do. Have a look and figure out the truth yourself!


If you find a cat in your home, you welcome it in your life because it is not going anywhere now. The sooner you accept this, the better it is.


Feed the other cat when you don’t find your own cat. The important thing is that you should feed all cats who ask for food.


When you enter the kitchen to find a pawsome surprise waiting for you, consider yourself really lucky.


You won’t be able to spot the cat at first too. Cats are just like little adorable toys.

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Cats know how to protect themselves from rain and find a good home for themselves.

The cat also seems surprised to meet his new hoomans. Maybe the cat is still thinking if he has chosen the right home or not. What if he likes the home, but not the hoomans? Will the cat ask the hoomans to leave? Anything is possible when a cat is involved.


The cat has already chosen the place to sleep. You can do the rest and make other arrangements.


You have been blessed with pawsomeness early in the morning. This is probably the best day of your life. Also, you will have to get up early every day from now on.


You didn’t have a cat, but now you do.


This cat is already finding a place to hide. It doesn’t like the ambience yet.


The cat is already protecting his new hooman from the treacherous water. “Stay away from this bathtub. It is not good for you. I will fight this battle alone.”

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