10 Times Humans Captured the True Nature of Cats in Just One Shot


Cats don’t expose their true side to anyone easily. It takes a lot of time to convince a cat that they can trust you. You have to clear a lot of tests before your cat will actually start trusting you. So if you are new to being a cat hooman, then you have a lot ahead of you. But we are here to show you what you may expect out of your cats.

Here are some cool cat pictures captured by their hoomans and portray the true nature of cats. Have a look and enlighten yourself. Maybe you will get some answers why your cats have been acting all strange. Because this is all they do all the time!


When a cat says something, even dogs listen.


An empty box is what cats need. They can adjust in it very well.


On every chair that you want to sit. “Excuse me, hooman! I am sitting on this chair. Can you sit somewhere else?”


“I had a great time playing puzzle with my hooman today. But it was getting a bit boring, so I had to do this.”

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“Are you listening or not? I am saying something.”

It doesn’t matter how much you adore cats, you will never get enough of them. Cat pictures are never boring. They are hilarious and entertaining and can make you laugh any time. Go ahead and enjoy more cat pictures. We know you love them already.


“Hooman, I want to take a nap on your hand right now. You can eat later.”


It doesn’t matter how many beds you get for your cat, a cat has to sit where he wants.


This is what your cats do behind your back, in case you didn’t know.


“When your hooman is busy playing games, this is what you should do. I love to disturb him every time.”


Your cat loves you and hates you. You have to bear with both their sides.

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