10 Times Nature Fully Demonstrated Its Artistic Talent While Creating Our Cats


Cats are the most majestic and adorable pets. They only deserve to be loved and adored. Cat hoomans know this really well and nobody can value cats more than them. Their feline friends make sure that they are happy and pull them out of their boring lives. If anybody can add fun and adventure to a cat hooman’s life, it’s their cats. Nobody can ever take their place and nobody should.

Here are some pawsome cat pictures that show that nature used its artistic streak while creating them. Have a look at them and you will agree too!


This cat actually has a heart on his hand. This is nature’s indication that cats are purely made of love.


This cat has an extra toe and he is really shy to show to it off. But cat hoomans got to share epic cat pictures with the rest of the world.


This cat’s tail looks like a ‘j’. What is it trying to say here?


When the cat wanted to have all the colors on its fur and it couldn’t settle for one.

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Those fangs and green eyes are enough to scare anyone away.

Did you just see how adorable these cats are? They are unique and totally adorable. Nobody can look at these cats just once. If you own a cat, you know how it feels to live with one. Even though they might not give you all your attention, they always have your back. So if you wonder what’s going on their minds, it’s either food, sleep or ways to make you happy.


This cat has special mark on his face that makes him look different from the others.


Those green eyes say it all loud out.


Those whiskers are longer than they should be and the cat has no clue why is it so.


This snowy furry creature here is most adorable one in the lot.


This cat’s eyes make him seem a bit confused at all times. But it looks completely adorable.

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