10+ Times Tumblr Purrfectly Nailed Cat Humor


Cats have the best sense of humor amongst the pets. We don’t know how, but they have the purrfect formula for laughter. It’s like every time they do something, people around them can’t help but laugh. Cats certainly know how to take away sorrow and replace it with happiness. these bubbles of love and joy are a blessing in our lives.

Here are some cat posts that perfectly captured cat humor. We bet you can’t help laughing out loud.


“Are you happy now? Can I go back to being my usual self now?”


Everybody wants to know where did the limbs go. So now you know.


When cats fight for their right and none of them agree to settle. This could be the final outcome.


Cats need company too. Don’t leave them alone while they eat. They don’t like it.

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Cats love to get into trouble all the time and they don’t regret anything at all.

The pawsome cats always manage to melt everyone’s heart. If you think that you don’t like cats, then wait till you meet one. Your opinion will certainly change. Cats love challenges and changing somebody’s opinion about them is their most favorite one.


Cats have always been an inspiration for humans.


When you do one thing in a month and feel like you are the only one working in the home.


“I don’t think I want them. Can we just give them away and get some new ones?”


When your cats also start giving you that worried look that your parents give, consider yourself truly useless. “You are capable of nothing, hooman. We will have to set you up.”


When you enter into a party as an invited guest and have no clue what went wrong.


When a cat says something, you have to accept it. No more questioning now.


When you know your cat better than the rest and have no shame admitting it. Just a proud cat hooman!

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