10 Wholesome Cat Stories To Brighten Any Dull Day


2020 has not been an easy year for anyone. People have to stay at home away from their friends. At these times, it is difficult to find hope. This is when cats come to our rescue. Cats are a bundle of love and joy. They have this power to make anyone and everyone smile even in the tough times.

Here are some wholesome cat stories that will make you smile for sure. Have a look!


This cat looks too cute. But this is just a trap to get more food from his hooman. It is not as it looks.


This will never change. Cats will do anything to get extra food.


Some cats can’t wait if they don’t get food on time. they will go about looking for food on their own even if it means scavenging through the garbage bins.


It might get a little difficult for you to figure out why your cat is angry at times. The sooner you get to know, the less you would have to listen to their cries.

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Let the lord save the cats!

Cats help us pause for a while and forget about our worries. They show us the brighter side of life and help us get going through the tough times. We are truly blessed to have cats around us. Felines may be called selfish mean pets who don’t care about their hoomans at all. But those who live with a cat know that this is completely false.


Cats will never understand why hoomans go about caring about all the useless stuff other than food.


When you can’t figure out what’s wrong with the cat, just try a little harder and you will find out with time.


When it comes to food, cats can hunt it anywhere. Bring it on!


Cats are the blessings in our lives that we do not deserve. We can’t ever thank god enough for giving us cats.


Cats know how to look after their hoomans and bringing help is really easy for them.

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