Cat Memes From Reddit That’ll Add Many Years To Your Lifespan


Life can be pretty dull without cats around. They have been the leaders of love and joy on this planet. Cats have to take charge of their hoomans’ happiness and they are doing a pretty good job at it. All the weird and strange things that they have been doing all this while are just to make you laugh. So if you have been wondering why cats do all these weird things, here’s your answer. The sole purpose of the cats is to spread happiness all around. It doesn’t matter if they look stupid, they are still happy.

Here are some pawsome cat memes that will surely make your day and add some extra years to your life. Have a look at them or you will regret missing them!


When your cat can’t get through the door, but they have to keep a watch on you.


These pictures say everything. When cats get to a mission, they won’t stop till they achieve it.


“If everyone is ready, should I move ahead?”


Cats have to do anything and everything for entertainment.

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We are grateful to all the cat hoomans around the world who capture these preciously hilarious moments of their cats. If not for them, we would have missed out on the pawsomeness of these cats. Continue scrolling and enjoy some more pawsome pictures of the cats. We know those of you who were thinking that cats are not that hilarious are having a change of mind right now.


Cats have some extra duties as well. They are super talented and never say no to anything.


You don’t need anyone else when you have a cat by your side. They will take care of everything.


When you tell your cat to get out of the bed and they act like they can’t move.


When a cat asks for food, you give them food. Never ever question them.


When your cat says that they don’t want a picture, don’t click one. The result won’t be as you expected.

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