Cat Owners Explain How Dog Owners Misinterpret A Cat’s Body Language


Cats are very different as pets. So if you  will try to analyse them as per a dog’s body language, you may go completely wrong. It’s better that you study all about a cat’s body language before you adopt them. Cats may mean something else and their body language may tell you something completely different than that. you don’t want to come across as rude to your cat or misinterpret them.

Here’s everything you need to know about the body language of a cat.


Unlike dogs, cats are very sensitive and they do not like belly rubs. So don’t try to give belly rubs when they expose it. They just want to play with you.


Cats don’t trust their hoomans very easily. Exposing belly is very tricky and you need to be very careful.


Petting a cat is very different from petting a dog. You have to learn the proper technique before you pet your cat. Else, you may end up with unexpected bites and scratches.

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Even though cats may need your attention all the time, but you doesn’t have to interact with them all the time. They respect their personal space and you should respect theirs.


You have to tell your cat before you pet them. You do not start petting them without giving them a sign.


Stop thinking that your cat is planning to attack you. They love you very much and always have your back. Cats may plan to kill a rat or catch a bird, but they won’t ever think of harming you.


As much as you are grateful for your cats, the felines feel the same way. You have no clue how happy they feel to be around you.


If you don’t love a cat, it doesn’t mean that you start calling them deceitful and selfish. Cats have their own way of doing things.


You need to trust your cat as much as they trust you. It works both ways.


Trust is not a single step thing. It happens gradually.

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