Grieving Cat Spends One Year By Her Deceased Owner’s Grave


People often call cats mean and selfish. But after reading this story, your opinion about cats will change completely. Cats are not as cold as they appear. They only wait for the right moment to show your love and care to their hoomans. A cat hooman has to earn his feline’s trust. This is the biggest achievement for a cat hooman. Once a cat is sure that he can trust his hooman, there is no turning back. The cat will then love his hooman till the last day of its life or follow his hooman to the grave.

This story will show you how much cats love and care for their hoomans. The little cat in this story loved his hooman so much that she couldn’t bear the fact of being without her. The loyal cat decided to live beside her hooman’s grave for an entire year.

This cat was then found by a twenty eight year old man named Keningau Prayitno who wanted to help the little kitty and give him a home. But the cat had other plans. The cat wanted to stay near to her hooman, so she chose to back to the grave.

The cat’s deceased owner’s children ensure that the cat is fed and safe. The only time that the cat leaves her owner’s grave is when she visits the children’s home for food. Sometimes, some strangers also feed the cat. But there hasn’t been a single night since her owner’s death that the cat hasn’t slept near her grave.

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Keli said,

She just sleeps there and meows. It’s a very tragic thing to watch. It shows the bond between the pets and their owners.

This is not at all easy to watch as well. The cat is ready to let go the comforts of a cosy home to stay near her deceased hooman. This is what true love is like. It never dies. Cats grieve for their deceased hoomans for a long time, even though it is not expected out of them.

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